Opening Available

2012 Rock Camp  has Openings!

We have 30 kids signed up for Rock Camp and we have room for 10 more.  Rock Camp is an amazing experience for kids age 11 – 19.  e-mail or call 906-370-9972.

What kids need to know:

Don’t sweat auditions.  We are not expecting or looking for expert musicians. Any young musician (age 11 – 19) is welcome to come to auditions, even if you can’t make the camp this year.

We’ll spend a little time getting to know you then ask you to play a few things or sing a little.

What parents need to know:

Auditioning for Rock Camp is super fun, absolutely free, a great experience for any kid, and open to any young musician who wants to check it out!

Even if your kid won’t be around or can’t make it to Rock Camp this year, auditioning is a great experience and an excellent opportunity for growth.

Why auditions?

Auditions help instructors get to know the kids before camp starts.  The more we know about the campers the better we can tune the program. See you at auditions!  Just do it!


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