About Lester Brent

Technical Director

Lester Brent has won awards for scenic design from the New England Drama Council.  He studied design and production at North Carolina School for the Arts.  He held many positions during his four summers with the Papermill Theatre including Children’s Theatre Designer and Technical Director, Sound Designer and Carpenter.

Lester and his wife started the Good Medicine Theatre Company in Las Vegas, NV in 2005.  Good Medicine produced three main stage shows, a children’s theatre program, street theatre, and improv classes.  The last show they produced was heralded as one of the five best theatrical shows in 2008 by Las Vegas City Life.

In 2010, Lester and family moved to Houghton, MI.  That summer, he heard that this Rock Camp thing needed some assistance with lighting.  After seeing the scale of what PJ and Todd were putting together, Lester knew he was in for a crazy but rewarding experience.  They didn’t let him down.

After Rock Camp 2010, Lester was asked to be the interim production manager of the Rozsa while the University conducted its national search.  There he facilitated many student shows, lectures, a reptile show starring a six foot alligator named Fred, Spamalot, Maya Angelou, and many more touring productions.  In April of 2011, Lester stepped down so the newly hired Gary Brown (he has a fan club) could take over the position.

Lester now works in Human Resources at Michigan Tech as a business analyst.  While this line of work is how he normally generates income, he’s itching to work on a spectacular show.  That’s why Lester has signed on with PJ’s Rock Camp 2012.  He is dedicated in helping to create a spectacle that showcases the hard work and talent of the campers as well as entertain the sold out theatre.


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