About Lena Sutter

Intern, Sound Tech

Lena Sutter has been playing music for most of her life. Starting at the age of four.  Her first instrument was the violin which she learned through instruction in the Copper County Suzuki Association. Since, she has continued with violin but also has taken up a selection of various instruments including guitar, bass, and flute. When she was thirteen, she set up a home recording system to record her original compositions and found a greater reward: a love of audio technologies.

Up until 2010, her knowledge of recording was what she could teach herself. That year, Lena began studying at a boarding school that provided many opportunities, including access to a recording studio and instruction from recording professionals. In addition to becoming the student organizer of the recording facilities, within her first few months at the school, she became involved in technical theater with an particular focus on sound. Lena also became the sound engineer and a co-producer of the school’s new podcast.

Over her summer break in 2011, she attended the University of Michigan’s Preforming Arts Technology Institute. By the time her senior year rolled around, she was in charge of training new students in the theater and studio at her school. She also did sound for all on-campus events and visiting artists, which included being an assistant engineer for musicians such as Marcus Stockhausen and Philip Glass, and this spring she served as a sound intern at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.

Lena is a Rock Camp alum, playing in both previous camps, and she looks forward to working with the camp in a new light this year. She graduated from United World College- USA, a high school in New Mexico, and will pursue a double major in Electrical Engineering and Sound Engineering at the University of Michigan starting this


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