What is Rock Camp?


2013 PJ Olsson’s Rock Camp!


Monday July 29 – Friday, August 9, 2013
Final Show – Saturday August 10

We are spinning up, more information coming soon…



Have you ever dreamed of jamming on a huge stage under 500 burning lights pounding the out the tunes with all your fans cheer you on to rock-n-roll glory? Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to put together and perform in a live rock concert?

Maybe its time you find out…

Rock Camp 2010 Final Show

PJ Olsson’s Rock Camp is Back for 2012!

Simply put, Rock Camp is a total immersion experience for kids.  In just two fast-paced, grueling weeks campers are transformed from mere mortals to genuine rock stars!

But be warned, the journey may change them forever.

Our goal is nothing less than to provide young musicians a life-changing, real-world experience that has a profound emotional impact on their lives.  This ain’t school mom and dad, but much will be learned and tons of fun will be had!

What to expect?

Ten fantastic days of total immersion in everything it takes to produce a full-blown, bigger than life, stage show and epic final rock concert.

Campers will learn tons about pulling bands together, the language of music, how to collaborate, appreciating differences, producing a live event, relentless rehearsal, solving technical problems, managing a stage, marketing an event, and a great variety of workshops from theory to “shredding” and harmony to instrument maintenance.

Rock Camp 2010 Final Show

The Rock Camp happens at the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts.  The Rozsa is the perfect place to hold Rock Camp with its beautiful main stage, excellent rehearsal spaces, and professional-grade equipment.  All together a perfect and safe place for campers to be creative, work hard, and have a great time.

Show Rock Camp 2010 Final Show

Please note the Rock Camp is NOT for absolute beginners, but participants are not expected to be experts either.  Young musicians must have some degree of proficiency with their instrument and go through an audition process. We also have a limited number of spaces for each type of instrument (we cannot for example have 25 guitars and only 1 drummer, a good balance is necessary).

Show Rock Camp 2010 Final Show

PJ Olsson’s Rock Camp is a fast-paced, total-immersion musical program designed to explore a young musician’s potential and help them learn about themselves and others.  It doesn’t get any more real than this.  Give us your kids, we’ll give you back Rock Stars!

The 2012 Rock Camp concert is on Saturday, August 18. 
Mark your calendars!  Its going to be quite a ride!

Questions?  Send e-mail to toddbrassard@pjsrockamp.com.


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